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Welcome to the Academy Excelsiori

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Welcome to Excelsiori Preschool Since 1994 Excelsiori™ has specialized in private early education preschool & daycare that has accepted student’s age between 18 months-5 years old in the Ottawa & Gatineau region, for Canadian & International students. A superior private preschool curriculum is delivered by our teachers’ specialists in both the preschool & the daycare. Excelsiori™ children are given a solid academic base with a well-rounded curriculum grounded in academic core subjects including literacy and numeracy augmented with the: A warm, safe, licensed environment;. Bright, clean and well-appointed classrooms; French, English and Mathematics each day; Weekly Music and Dance lessons Science, Arts and Crafts programs; Activities and games designed to promote learning through play; Yoga classes; Outdoor play for gross motor development; Computer learning programs Sports and Health Scheduled rest time;


Our private preschool comes alive and the classroom learning takes root when our children have opportunities to stay in our security/monitoring, calm, supportive, and structured environment provide the framework for children to build self-confidence, take risks and move forward with success. Our structured program includes learning gross motor skills as well as the fine motor skills. In this way, our students are able to excel in elementary school and develop their authorized which will be useful throughout their lives. Frequent cultural, educational and recreational field trips throughout the Ottawa & Gatineau region provide hands-on experiences, which make learning real for many children. Each year we make trips that stimulate the overall development of the child. For example, the outputs to develop fine motor skills pickings . We discover the animals visiting farms etc. In addition, the convenient location of our preschool allows us to visit the library several times a week . Private lessons during the preschool day provides additional support if needed. Our tutors work with our teachers to offer our quality program that meets or exceeds the curriculum in Quebec and Canada. Child care is available before and after the preschool program. Students who complete the Excelsiori ™ program have the tools to excel in elementary school . Our teachers are a remarkable team of dedicated and talented individuals. They have training and passion in their area of expertise, imparting enthusiasm and a love for their subject to our students. Teachers have Québec College of Teachers certificate, Bachelor of Education etc…


Private tutoring during the preschool afterhours provides added support, if necessary. Our tutors collaborate with our teachers in order to deliver our quality curriculum, which meets or exceeds the Québec and Canada curriculum. Daycare services are available before and after preschool. Students who complete the full Excelsiori™ curriculum have the tools necessary to Excel in elementary school.

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Admission Policy

Dans cette section, vous trouverez les formulaires requis pour inscrire votre enfant à l'Académie Excelsiori ainsi que tous les formulaires nécessaires pour la demande de versements anticipés auprès de Revenu Québec.


1 place available for 18 to 24 months 2 Place available for 2 to 3 years

Excelsiori admission form 2017-2018


Calendar & Field Trips


Revenu Quebec Forms


Tax credit

Childcare expenses

Opening Hours & Statutory Holidays

OPENING HOURS & STATUTORY HOLIDAYS Monday to Friday - 6:30 am to 6:00 pm with the exception of statutory holidays. The Excelsiori Academy offers a maximum of 10 continuous hours of service. So that your child can benefit from the full academic program offered, we ask that the children attend the academy before 8:30am. If you are running late, we ask that you inform us before as soon of possible. Statutory Holidays of 2017-2018 14 of April, 2017 Good Friday 17 of April, 2017 Easter Monday 22 of May, 2017 Victoria Day 24 of Juin, 2017 St-Jean Baptiste 1 of July, 2017 Canada Day 4 of Septembre 2017, Labour Day 3 of October, 2017 Halloween we close at 4 Pm 10 of October, 2017 Thanksgiving Christmas & New years holidays : We will be closed from December 22 th, 2017 to January 1nd, 2018 inclusively, back on Tuesday January 2, 2018.


Here at Excelsiori Preschool, all of our children that are subscribed in our program have to wear a uniform. This uniform is taken care of by Excelsiori Preschool. It consists of a blouse for the girls and a jacket for the boys. We ask that the children have a minimum of a extra pair of pants, socks, underwear and a t-shirt. It is also a good idea to leave a big sweater at the Preschool at all times. Please remember to identify all of your child’s belonging.


Each day, the daycare provides to your child a nutritive snack in the morning and another in the afternoon (served with milk or juice) as well as a hot dinner prepared in our kitchen. Our cook prepares delicate meal according to the Canadian food guide, and takes a special car to make a meal for al of our allergic children. Each day our children eat fresh fruits and vegetables. For any additional snacks you may want to provide your child, we encourage parents to send a variety of healthy food choices such as fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and cheeses, milk, yogurt, and whole grain breads and pastas. Junk food, such as (chips, chocolates and candies) are not allowed in the daycare, except on special occasions. The daycare is a place free of nuts! Avoid the peanut butter for breakfast when your child comes to the daycare.

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Parent Guide

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Parent Comity

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Early childhood educator has the responsibility to plan, organize and conduct various activities related to the educational program of the Excelsiori preschool daycare. This person must meet our program as a whole and its values. See the children's needs, administrate basic care, ensure constant and effective monitoring of child safety. You must be a cheerful person, full of energy, patient and devoted to his or her work. Please note that only recognized graduates will be called for an interview. Also, if you have an AEC, to be recognized you need to have accumulated a total of 4992 hours with evidence to support it!

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Parental Handbook

To download the parent guide, click on the following link

Pour télécharger le guide pour les parents, cliquez sur le lien suivant

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23 rue Bourque, Gatineau (Quebec), J8Y 1X2 Tel,:819.778.8889 Cel. :819.230.8889 Fax: 819.205.2889

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